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In the spring of 2007, fifteen artists of color gathered at a coffee shop in New York City. They were a group of trained actors, writers, and directors fresh out of NYU looking to share authentic and complex stories of their communities and cultures that were bold, risky, and unapologetic. In that coffee shop, they realized that a space like that didn’t exist for artists like them and so, The Movement Theatre Company was formed.


The Movement Theatre Company creates an artistic social movement by developing and producing new work by artists of color. Our work engages audiences in a rich theatrical dialogue, enlightens communities to the important issues affecting our world, and empowers artists to celebrate the many sides of their unique voice. We create brave spaces for artists of color to discover and unleash their most authentic selves and tell complex stories of both the everyday and the extraordinary. Through our work we refuel, affirm, and celebrate the triumph of our resilience as artists.


Under the leadership of Deadria Harrington, Eric Lockley, Ryan Dobrin, and David Mendizábal, who serve as the Producing Artistic Leadership Team, The Movement has four core process-driven programs: Harlem Nights, GO GREEN, the Ladder Series, and Mainstage Productions. Our programming cultivates a vision that embraces dialogue and inclusion as a means of community building. Founded on the culture of family and service to community, we have grown from a small collective of actors and writers to an expanded network of diverse artists from varied creative practices. Led by the principles of collaboration, collective leadership, and active listening, we have built a home for artists to experiment, develop, and unpack their ideas and established ourselves as a growing artistic staple in Harlem. 

Producing Artistic Leaders

Deadria Harrington, Eric Lockley, Ryan Dobrin, David Mendizábal
Associate Producer 
Alverneq Lindsay

Assistant to the Producing Artistic Leaders Anais Escobar

Board of Directors
Lisa Cleff Kurtz, Jodie Gerard, Karen L. Hsueh, Harrison David Rivers, Will Zichawo

Producing Artistic Leaders Emeriti

Christiamilda Correa, Jonathan McCrory, Taylor Reynolds

Founding Members

Ashley Noel Jones, Carlton Byrd, Chanel Carroll, Christiamilda Correa, Daren Taylor, Eric Lockley, Geri-Nikole Love, Jade Jackson, Jonathan McCrory, Kamisha McLean, Kimberly Young, Rachel Williams, Samantha Wright, Syhaya A. Smith, Xosha K. Roquemore

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