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1MOVE is The Movement’s digital content series born out of a need to swiftly respond to the many human rights and social issues continuously affecting our communities. The series is dedicated to creating a bold, multi-disciplinary space for artists and communities to respond to and engage with the issues affecting their world today.


1MOVE: DES19NED BY... is a designer-driven initiative where the designer acts with absolute freedom as the lead artist to create digital content in response to the social and political issues affecting their world, namely anti-Blackness, global uprisings, and COVID-19. The Movement has commissioned 30 early career designers to dream big in this digital space.


Alan C. Edwards, Qween Jean, Brittany Bland, Christopher Darbassie, Dominique Fawn Hill, Kameron Neal, Mika Eubanks, Nehprii Amenii, nicHi douglas, Nikiya Mathis, Ramaj Jamar, Taylor Lilly, Teniece Divya Johnson, Teresa L. Williams, Twi McCallum

Alan C. Edwards.jpg
Andy Jean.JPG
Brittany Bland.jpg
Dominique Fawn Hill.png
Kameron Neal.jpg
Mika Eubanks.jpg
Nehprii Amenii.jpg
Nikiya Mathis.png
Ramaj Jamar.jpeg
Taylor Lilly.jpg
Teniece Divya Johnson.jpeg
Teresa L. Williams.jpg
Twi McCallum.JPG
nicHi douglas.jpg

Ao Li, Chen-Wei Liao, Dina El-Aziz, Edurne Fernandez, Kimie Nishikawa, María Feuereisen, Megumi Katayama, Ntokozo Fuzunina Kunene, Omar Madkour, Reza Behjat, Riw Rakkulchon, Rodrigo Muñoz, Stefania Bulbarella, Wenzheng (Wen) Zhang, and Yee Eun Nam

Ao Li.jpeg
Chen-Wei Liao.jpeg
Dina El-Aziz.jpg
Edurne Fernandez.JPG
Kimie Nishikawa.JPG
Maria Feuereisen.jpg
Megumi Katayama.jpeg
Ntokozo Fuzunina Kunene.jpg
Omar Madkour.jpg
Reza Behjat.jpeg
Riw Rakkulchon.jpg
Rodrigo Muñoz.jpg
Stefania Bulbarella.jpg
Wezheng Zhang.jpeg
Yee Eun Nam.jpg
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