When a young gay man is found dead in his New York apartment, his best friends are left wondering why. Part meditation and part celebration, LOOK UPON OUR LOWLINESS is a touching, unexpectedly funny story of seven men who, in the wake of a tragic loss, choose to embrace life. In a world inundated by technology and constant communication, the play examines the interconnectedness of love, loss, faith, and healing.


For the last two years, playwright Harrison David Rivers and director/conceiver David Mendizábal have been developing LOOK UPON OUR LOWLINESS at The Movement Theatre Company. This piece began in 2012 as part of TMTC's Ladder Series and has continued its development with multiple readings and workshops. In April 2013, TMTC will produce a workshop production at The Harlem School of the Arts Theater, in association with Radical Evolution.

With this production TMTC seeks to:

- Bring forth the untold stories of the LGBTQ Community and highlight positive representations of gay men of color on stage.
- Engage with the Harlem and NYC community through social media and live events
- Support local business in Harlem and NYC that are geared towards the LGBTQ community
- Contribute to the exchange of knowledge and positive dialogue within the Harlem community surrounding LGBTQ issues
- Commune with community members and leaders from established LGBTQ organizations to further enhance and enrich the reach of the production
- Create an event that will bring people together to experience, commune and dialogue around a work that speaks directly to the LGBTQ community of color in Harlem.

**Please Note: Look Upon Our Lowliness contains adult themes, language and brief nudity